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eScan Anti-Virus doesn’t stop you from visiting malicious websites. However, it does recognize when a virus is attempting to download to your computer and deletes it before it can fully download and attack your system. It looks a bit dated and requires you to set up every part of the program before it starts protecting your system, but eScan Anti-Virus is laid out well enough that navigation is pretty simple. All the tools included with this antivirus software are displayed on the dashboard and are colored red until you enable them.

While it doesn’t have a lot of extra security tools, eScan does include a personal firewall and spam filters. The spam filters can be set to redirect messages from a specific sender or those sent from a specific country into a spam folder or junk box. It also scans attachments for any viruses. You can set the program to send a warning message to a spam sender, letting them know you’re on to their scheme, or simply tell eScan to delete messages from spam senders before they ever hit your inbox.

eScan antimalware scans USB drives to make sure an infected file isn’t transferred to your computer. And if you find a file you suspect is dangerous, you can upload it and eScan will see if it’s safe to open.

If you need more security tools, like vulnerability scanning, password managers or a file shredder, you may want to consider eScan Internet Security Suite that includes these and many more features. Our top antivirus pick, Bitdefender , includes many of these as part of its basic antivirus software.

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eScan has 24/7 telephone support, but if you try to get help from the user dashboard, you’ll first be redirected to the eScan website where you can browser FAQs and articles about common issues. Live chat is supposed to be available, but we found that isn’t always the case.

eScan is a decent antivirus program that has good spam filters. Though it doesn’t have many other security tools, and it can’t warn you of malicious websites, eScan does a good job of interrupting malware as it’s downloading and preventing it from attacking your computer.