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We’re going to admit up front this is the cutest tracker we tested. It’s a small, brightly-colored wristwatch and while ours came in blue, you can get it in a variety of colors sure to be pleasing to the eye. The most fun part of this tracker is the ability to send “hugs” to the watch, which has a small LED screen on it. The screen lights up with the word “hug” whenever you send one, and who couldn’t use more hugs? It’s perfect for youths around age 5 or 6 who might want to keep in touch with mom and dad discretely throughout the day while simultaneously giving you peace of mind.

Even though this watch is marketed toward young kids it does fit on small adult wrists. If you’re a professional weightlifter or could hold your own against a grizzly bear in a fist fight, you’re probably out of luck. It comes with a charging cord you’ll need to use every night because this device had the worst battery life of any we tested: 10 hours. Still, that’s long enough to cover a school day. You have to create an account to use the tracking app as there’s no browser tracker option, but you get 6 months of free service right away, making this option more worth it’s rather hefty price tag. In fact, this was the most expensive GPS tracker we tested. If you want something more affordable, try the Trax Play.

In driving this tracker around for testing we noticed a minor lag of about 30 seconds between the watch’s actual location and it’s ping on the app’s map. You can use the app’s geofencing capabilities to set up locations and boundaries where you’ll get push notifications, texts, or emails (or all three) notifying you when the watch moves. Like almost all the trackers we tested though, this one failed to work deep in the mountains. In town, however, we were able to get within about 100 feet of the watch solely using the app before having to simply look around for it, which is a discovery range in line with most of the trackers we used.

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This adorable tracker is splashproof and weighs 1.4 ounces so it’s easy to use every day. It’s not our favorite tracker out there, but there are a lot of things to love about the HereO, especially if you have young children you’d like to keep an eye on.