Stealth Tactical Review

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The Stealth Tactical Original Handgun Safe is a superb choice for storing and protecting a single handgun. This rugged safe is well-designed and meets California DOJ standards for handgun storage.

Based on the safe’s interior dimensions, we estimate it has a storage capacity of 0.16 cubic feet, which makes it the second-smallest model we looked at. However, it is lined with high-density pluck foam padding to protect your gun and keep it from shifting around inside. You can even customize the padding to contour your gun to keep it securely in place during transport. Because of this, this Stealth safe doesn’t have much space for other items and is only suited to protect a single handgun.

The Stealth Tactical Original Handgun Safe is built of 10-gauge steel and includes two solid steel deadbars, two steel lugs that measure 3/8 inches, a thick locking bolt and a welded hinge, all of which make it difficult to pry open with a crowbar. The safe’s combination lock is surrounded by a steel casing, so a would-be thief can’t punch or smash it open with a hammer or chisel.

The safe has four pre-drilled holes you can use to secure it to any flat surface, including the inside of a closet, a drawer, a nightstand or a car. When not bolted down, it is easy to move thanks to its chrome-plated handle. However, it weighs 24 pounds, which is much heavier than similarly sized safes we looked at. The Stealth Tactical Original Handgun Safe is not fire-resistant.

Some home safes, such as the Barska AX11620 , have locks that require batteries, so they come with backup keys in case the batteries die. This Stealth handgun safe has a Simplex Lock, so it uses a series of push buttons rather than a dial or biometric scanner. The lock doesn’t use batteries and doesn’t require a backup key – you can only open it with a combination. There are 1,081 possible combinations you can set to lock and unlock this safe, so it’s unlikely a burglar would stick around to figure it out.

Stealth covers its Tactical Original Handgun Safe with a one-year limited warranty. This is a fairly standard warranty term for a safe of this size.