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This GPS tracker is small, lightweight and works in real time. It comes with two silicone cases, one of which has a clip on it, so you can easily affix it to a pocket or piece of clothing. At a mere .8 ounces alone and only 1.5 ounces in a case, you’re likely to forget it’s there.

Once you create an account you can subscribe to 6, 12 or 24 months of service at a time and the more you buy the less expensive it is per month. There isn’t any service included with your purchase of the tracker like the Veriot Venture, but it’s still affordable. After signing up you can start tracking through the free smart phone app or with your browser. You can even customize the tag you’re tracking with a name, description, photo and even pet type if you’re using it to make sure your furry best friend hasn’t escaped the back yard.
You monitor the tracking tag on an easy to read map where you can see exactly where it’s located in real time. To test the trackers, we had one of our lab technicians drive them around. We monitored the trackers on their respective apps while in touch with the driver to see where the car really was. The Trax Play only had a lag time of about 30 seconds in a moving car, which is in line with the best trackers we evaluated. You can also set up geofences around a home, school, business or daycare facility and receive an alert immediately if the tracker crosses the boundary.

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In our tests, the Trax Play had a discovery range of roughly 125 feet. This meant using solely the app, we got within about 125 feet of the tag before having to look around to find it. What really stands out about the Trax Play is its augmented reality function, which could be useful if you get really close to the tag but still aren’t quite sure where it is. When you turn on this mode you can look around you through your phone’s camera and the app places a location pin on the screen. None of the other GPS tracker apps we tested have anything like this.
This tracker is splashproof, so don’t totally submerge it but don’t worry if your child accidentally splashes it when washing their hands. It also lasted an impressive 21 hours in our battery life test, the same as the Amber Alert. The one downside to this tracker is there is no two-way communication, so there’s no way for the user to notify the tracker if they’re in trouble. The Trax Play is advertised for use with the elderly, kids, those with special needs, sports, equipment and pets. If you’re interested in seeing how well this device works with Fluffy or Fido, check out our pet tracker reviews. The new Trax G+ is slated for availability in 2018, so we will consider it for our next review cycle.